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A Discourse on the Working Definition of Revolution

I wanted to start this blog entry with the hope of creating a continuing discourse on the working definition of revolution proposed in class.  I asked Dr. Rockhill for the exact wording of the following definition, which he put forward … Continue reading

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Howard Zinn, “Untold Truths About the American Revolution”

Howard Zinn, the renowned American historian, provides an account of equality and violence in the American Revolution that differs significantly from Arendt’s assessment. Here is a brief article that summarizes his view.  The original can be found here.   Untold … Continue reading

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Student Profile: Shishav Parajuli

School: Villanova University Program: Political Science Year: 2nd Enrollment: Auditing I am currently working on my Master’s thesis on the Maoist Revolution in Nepal (where I come from), and more specifically on the role of violence and Cultural Revolution in … Continue reading

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Student Profile

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Student Profile: Tal Correm

School: Temple University Program: Philosophy Year: 6th (ADB) Enrolment: Audit General Research Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Comparative Political Theory, Ethics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Existence, Comparative Philosophy, Aesthetics Relevant Research topics: constituent power, sovereignty, violence, freedom, popular struggles, constitutional theory, … Continue reading

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Student Profile: Daniel Cunningham

School: Villanova Discipline: Philosophy Year: 1st Enrollment: Credit Areas of interest: History of political philosophy; history of Continental philosophy; early Frankfurt School critical theory; History of Marxism and Marxist social movements; contemporary reorientations of Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism; institutional intersections … Continue reading

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Student Profile: John Schultz

School: Villanova Discipline: Philosophy/theology Year in Program: 7th (ABD) General Research Interests: Marxism; Ernst Bloch; prefigurative politics; utopianism; radical democracy; recent social movements; Critical Theory Enrollment Status: Auditing Specific Research Interests: My primary concern is the temporality of revolution: the … Continue reading

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