Student Profile: Charles “Matt” Rupert

Name: Charles “Matt” Rupert
School: Villanova University, 1st year student
Discipline: Liberal Studies
Enrollment: Taking for credit
Research Interests:  At the risk of sounding corny, I’m interested in building a better world.  When I heard about this class I was excited, because the most pressing question for me concerning a “better world,” is why hasn’t it already come into existence?  I hope this course will shed light on that.  From Rousseau’s naivety to the Soviet abortion to the disenfranchisement and general disengagement of the citizenry in the U.S., I just want to know why it has come to be this way (in order to answer the ultimate question: must it be this way?)

I’m sorry I shouldn’t be more specific; I fear falling into a strict line of particular thought.  I would say I’m interested in the effects of twentieth century technological and scientific advancement on economic and political structure of society and government but that would be tantamount to saying I’m interested in politics.  I will say I have no particular philosopher I’m interested in (which is to say any philosopher I’d privilege over any other) or even any particular field of philosophic inquiry.  Let if suffice to say I’m interested in the question: anything and everything that will help refine and expand it (I am not so naïve as to think it might be answered, not with any finality at any rate).

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