Student Profile: Jared Bly

Name: Jared Bly

School: Villanova University, 1st year doctoral student

Discipline: Philosophy

Enrollment: Taking for credit

Research Interests: 19 and 20th Century French Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of History, Marxism, Materialism, and Aesthetics.

This topic clearly intersects in a number of ways with my more general research concerns. I have yet to formulate any specific project or agenda, but off the cuff, I am curious about the relationship between space (as in spatiality) and revolution, that is, how revolutions both take place in and reconfigure social space. This question obviously involves the role of technology within revolutionary practice. I am also interested in approaching revolution from the angle of the philosophy history in order to better grasp the particular historical regime(s) through which we are in fact able identify certain practices as revolutions or revolutionary. Moreover, I am concerned about how these historical frameworks intersect with various ideologies (political, religious and otherwise) both on the level of actual practice and institution building as well as in terms of a construction of the history of revolution itself. On this point, I want to be especially attentive to how the Islamic world plays into to this schema, in particular as it concerns alternatives to revolutionary theories and practices that are prescribed or engendered by the predominant liberal worldview. This means not only the examining the Arab Spring, but also the Iranian revolution and, inter alia, the aborted movements of Caucasus.


About Jared Bly

Radical materialism in the present.
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