Student Profile: Dan Wood

Name: Dan Wood

Discipline: Philosophy

Enrollment: Taking for credit


I primarily  research aspects of Portuguese, Spanish, and French colonialism, and decolonization/neocolonialism more broadly construed. I approach these topics through comparative, genealogical, and philosophical reconstructions that draw from historical sociologies, manifestos, political theories, films, autobiographies, local knowledges, political anthropologies, etc. My guiding intuition in critically appropriating theories and practices of decolonization (esp. those outlined by Cabral, Lazreg, Yellow Bird, Mohanty, Fanon, Nkrumah, Shiva, Machel, Ali, & L’Ouverture) is that these can serve as guides for organizing micropolitical resistance to exploitation by the North Atlantic world system (for instance, in ways explored over the last decade by the Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro). My larger goal consists in locating these various discourses and practices within an historical materialism that can shed light on various forms of contemporary oppression, division, and inequality, while simultaneously offering insight into the intersections between horizontal politics, fundamental ethics, fortuna, and collective agency. 

While most of my previous research has revolved around the Algerian Revolution, more recently I have been thinking about contemporary anarchisms and their relation to contemporary decolonization. I am also trying to negotiate a social ontology and philosophy of history that is primarily generated by comparison of Marx with Foucault.

I am especially excited for this class and hope to explore recent developments in Brazilian social movements set against the background of Brazil’s colonial history and past social movements. Our diverse interests should make for really great conversation.

Academia page 

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