Student Profile: Jasmine Wallace

Jasmine Wallace

Villanova University, First year PhD


Taking this course for credit

Research Interests: historical materialism, philosophy of political practice, biopolitics, (post identity-politic) intersectionality, queer theory, philosophy of difference

I’m interested in exploring political practice occurring in marginalized communities against the background of a Marxist-Leninist politic informed by historical materialism. I have an ongoing interest in “Third World” armed struggle occurring both in the US and on a global scale. I’ve previously done some research concerning the Black Panther Party and modes of violent resistance in light of emerging modes of heightened surveillance and panoptic power (e.g., COINTELPRO). This semester I’d like to explore the Zapatista’s struggle occurring in Chiapas. In this context I’m primarily interested in how we can re-think revolutionary models of political struggle learning from the failures of 20th century socialism; failures primarily due to systemic sexism, racism, and/or a class-reductive analysis of history. I would like to explore models of self-determination taken up by marginalized communities as a form of resistance and building political power.

I’m also interested in everything Dan Wood has described as his research. I look forward to hearing more about your (and others’) interests throughout the semester.

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