Student Profile: Kelsey Borrowman

Name: Kelsey Borrowman

School: Villanova, first year doctoral student

Discipline: Philosophy

Enrollment: taking for credit

Interests: 20th C. French Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Film and Aesthetics, Disability Studies and Crip Theory, Reality Television (ie Cultural Criticism)

My interest in the course picks up primarily around week 10, which is to say that despite of my interest, even relative familiarity, with Foucault, Canguilhem, and Nietzsche and my commitment to alternative mediums of philosophical thought, what comes before week 10 is unfamiliar to me. So part of my interest in the course is the particular way of following the history of philosophy and another is its lens, Revolution. Currently, notions of the impossible, the unthought, or the un-anticipatable excite me. I’m interested in the narratives that surround revolution and the sorts of futures they imagine when considering, for example, work and labor. Moreover, I’m interested in the metaphors invoked surrounding political change and who can afford which metaphors, such as the invocation of home, border-crossing or returning home. I see the two intersecting in questions of recognition, visibility, and participation. An alternative approach to my interest in revolution would be, echoing Michael’s interests in terrorism, through biopolitics and questions of surveillance, public and private spaces, and the construction of a revolutionary identity (or community).

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