Student Profile: E. Çetin Gürer

School: Villanova University

Program: Philosophy

Year: 3rd

General Research Interests: Critical theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Social Movements, Radical Democracy, Decolonial Studies, Marxism, Anarchism, Studies on Public Space, Critical Cartography.

Enrolment: Credit

Specific Research Interests: I am very excited about this course. My general and specific research interests for that class overlap quite a bit. The question I am planning to work on is that of world revolution. A description can be the following:

Can we talk about a world revolution today? There is a concatenation of uprisings and revolutions around the globe for the last years, but do they have enough in common for us to name them as a unified phenomenon? What was the situation in revolutions of the past which were vividly conceived as world revolutions? Did they really entail the whole world, or was “world” a local abstraction generalized through the lens of Eurocentrism? In order to answer these question, this project aims to look at historical conjunctions in the past where a world revolution was conceived, while critically approaching to their limitations. Can we count French Revolution or May 1968 as examples of world revolution? Hannah Arendt disapprovingly points out that French Revolution was of world historical significance, while American Revolution were a little more important than a local event. Immanuel Wallerstein argues that 1968 was a crucial turning point in world history worthy of describing it as world revolution. If there is really a merit in such designation, e.i. world revolution, would it be possible to trace its qualities in the more recent revolutionary movements in and through the Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, Indignados and Taksim Commune?

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