Student Profile: John Schultz

School: Villanova

Discipline: Philosophy/theology

Year in Program: 7th (ABD)

General Research Interests: Marxism; Ernst Bloch; prefigurative politics; utopianism; radical democracy; recent social movements; Critical Theory

Enrollment Status: Auditing

Specific Research Interests: My primary concern is the temporality of revolution: the relationship between revolutionary practice and social, political, and economic time.  In my dissertation I am attempting to retrieve from Ernst Bloch a concept of the time of revolutionary transformation developed within a critique of Marx’s own.  More broadly, however, I am interested in the form and methodology adopted by revolutionary theory, particularly within Western Marxism, and their adequacy to emerging revolutionary practices.  My hope is to more fully ground myself in the history and development of revolutionary theory relative to the above interests.


About jschul05

A philosophy PhD whose work is devoted to the utopian imagination.
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