Student Profile: Daniel Cunningham

School: Villanova

Discipline: Philosophy

Year: 1st

Enrollment: Credit

Areas of interest: History of political philosophy; history of Continental philosophy; early Frankfurt School critical theory; History of Marxism and Marxist social movements; contemporary reorientations of Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism; institutional intersections of radical philosophy and political tactics; rethinking political economy; current affairs generally speaking.

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One Response to Student Profile: Daniel Cunningham

  1. dlcunningham says:

    Oh right: Specific interests:
    I’ve yet to think seriously about what I’ll be focusing on in my paper and presentation for the course, but I can say I’m very excited by the multifaceted nature of its approach. The combination of theoretical texts, primary sources, and opposing historical syntheses mirrors the balance I try to strike in my textual researches between critical awareness of historical context and respect for enduring theoretical value.
    One issue I have been thinking about a lot lately that I may find a way to investigate is the dialectic between cyclical and teleological conceptions of historical change–which also implicates the clashes of traditional and modern, conservative and revolutionary stances–and in particular the place of messianic consciousness, in its many different modes, within these dynamics.

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