Student Profile: Shishav Parajuli

School: Villanova University

Program: Political Science

Year: 2nd

Enrollment: Auditing

I am currently working on my Master’s thesis on the Maoist Revolution in Nepal (where I come from), and more specifically on the role of violence and Cultural Revolution in forming a collective perception of grievances among quite diverse ethnic nationalities and caste-based groups. Among other things in my project I am fascinated by the extensive use of “revolutionary” songs and dances particular to the regional ethnic population by the Nepali Maoists, which stands in contrast with the growing allure of Bollywood songs and dances in the bourgeois quarters of Kathmandu. In terms of isms for my thesis, I am interested in Marxism-Leninism and Maoism, and Gramsci (no ism!) but I am very interested in the idea of hegemony, and the process involved in forming and identifying a new hegemonic alliance to oust the existing ruling hegemony (but also how the meaning of word itself has been changing).

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