Solidarity Action in Support of SJP and Politics on Campus?

The suspension of the Organization “Students for Justice in Palestine” at Northeastern University raises very serious questions concerning political activities on college campuses. Given the proximity of these questions to the practice of running a graduate seminar on revolution, should we consider possible actions of solidarity? Any suggestions or thoughts?

You can find information about the current situation here, as well as suggested modalities of support.

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3 Responses to Solidarity Action in Support of SJP and Politics on Campus?

  1. ecetin says:

    I’d like to be a part of such action!

  2. keborrowman says:


  3. ecetin says:

    Hi! I briefly mentioned my preliminary idea about a potential action in solidarity with the suspended student group in Northwestern University in class. Here it is in a bit more refined form:

    The student group is suspended due to the fake eviction notice they distributed to dorms. What we can do is to distribute fake eviction notices to Villanova student groups saying that they are suspended due to their political views unfitting to those of Villanova authorities. Then below it explains the case in Northeaster. It can just be as simple as that and will only be distributed to student groups. How does it sound?

    I found the original mocking eviction notice but can’t see how to attach it here.

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