Heritage Foundation Speaker at Villanova



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6 Responses to Heritage Foundation Speaker at Villanova

  1. grockhil says:

    Fascinating title. Shall we join the discussion?
    Here is one take on the work of the Heritage Foundation:
    “The Heritage Foundation will continue to be a key element in the phalanx of rightist groups with an agenda of austerity for the poor, hostility to minorities and women, upward distribution of wealth for the rich, economic domination of the Third World, with repression and bloodletting for those who rebel.” – Russ Bellant, The Coors Connection, 1991

  2. grockhil says:

    P.S. Here is one of Moore’s recent claims: “You know, it’s interesting, in America there’s only one group you can legally discriminate against in America anymore: rich people.” – See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/heritage-chief-economist-complains-rich-people-are-only-group-you-can-legally-discriminate-a#sthash.WpLAVd5U.dpuf

  3. danielallenwood says:

    This is crazy. Could we spread the word throughout the department and to other departments? We could fill the audience and pile-on critical questions and contestations afterward, or possibly protest outside the room beforehand. It would be good if Moore returns to the Heritage Foundation without feeling much support from our campus for various Tea Party objectives.

  4. keborrowman says:

    Certainly, our classmates are not the only ones concerned with this. I think that we should send an email out soon to our philosophy peers and mobilize a bit.

    I think that the email, too, should include these quotes that Gabriel has pointed to, and others, so it’s very clear what the nature of this talk will be. Perhaps it’s possible to come up with a short list of critical questions beforehand, too. Alas, I’ll be unable to make this talk as I’ve committed myself elsewhere, but if I had been in attendance, such a list helps me out with participating in such a large, public talk in an incredibly critical way.

  5. keborrowman says:

    I’ve passed this around on facebook in hopes of involving those not in our class there. Perhaps it’d be worthwhile for someone who is able to attend to start a private facebook group where we can pass around questions and motivate some dissent.

  6. jmulaj says:

    Me and Dan have been talking about creating a fact sheet that includes poverty statistics. We thought it would be a good idea to provide the audience with some facts that they can read before/during the talk. It would be great if someone could help us gather the facts.

    It seems like the event is not that advertised, considering that there are less than 10 posters on campus. So, if we can email our department and create a Facebook group as Kelsey suggested we can get a small group of people together. Another idea is to have a banner with a question or a picture at the end of the room.

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