Possible Questions for Politicizing White/Chalkboards

Hey everyone, thank you for the comments, suggestions, and thoughts on the idea of occupying these discursive spaces. If anyone has suggestions for questions to write, maybe we could use this new post to do so. I will list a few possibilities here. Listening to a number of women speak at our women’s and gender studies conference at Villanova this past Friday reconfirmed that we should begin to do something along these (or other) lines.


What should we do about Vanillanovan Patriarchy?

To what extent does this classroom exist thanks to structural racism?




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One Response to Possible Questions for Politicizing White/Chalkboards

  1. ecetin says:

    Hi Dan!
    Thank you so much again for organizing this. I am down for start writing the phrases we agreed upon. Personally I liked your initial suggestions, shorter and pointy: Down with the Vanillanovan Patriarch! or something like that. I think if they will entail questions, it is better to have an ironic edge to those questions, maybe something like : What use is Vanillanovan Patriarchy? How boring is to Vanilla in the Novan ? something like that, no clue what Novan is 🙂

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