Solidarity Action to Support Suspended Student Group in Northeastern University

Hi everyone,

I briefly mentioned in class a preliminary idea about a potential action in solidarity with the suspended student group in Northwestern University. Here it is in a bit more refined form:

The student group is suspended due to the fake eviction notice they distributed to dorms. What we can do is to distribute fake eviction notices to Villanova student groups saying that they are suspended due to their political views unfitting to those of Villanova authorities (In fact, it can be a continuation of the action Dan has proposed earlier and can state something like “not fitting to Vanillanovan patriarchy” or “Vanillanovan colonial aspirations” etc etc….). Then below or on the other side of the sheet, it explains the case in Northeastern. It can just be as simple as that and will only be distributed to student groups. How does it sound?

Attached is the original mocking eviction notice.

 michigan-mock-eviction-notice 2

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2 Responses to Solidarity Action to Support Suspended Student Group in Northeastern University

  1. jmulaj says:

    I like the idea.

    Lets create a Googledoc and work on it?

  2. ecetin says:

    Hey! Thanks Jeta, maybe we can work on this text:

    Mock EVICTION Notice

    Your student club is suspended and has to evict their present whereabouts due to its politics unfitting to that of the administration. If you do not vacate this building in three days, we reserve the right to demolish your premises without delay. We cannot be held responsible for property remaining inside. Charges for demolition will be applied to your student account.

    On March 11, 2014, the student group Students for Justice in Palestine in Northeastern University got suspended solely on the basis of distributing fake eviction notices of the similar kind to this mock eviction to take attention to the policies of Israel in Palestine constantly evicting homes of the Palestinians. This is a clear infringement upon the right to express political opinions and a severe limitation to the furthering of academic intellectual culture. University campuses should provide the first place to call such severe injustices like the racist targeting of Arabs in Palestine into questions. Student clubs cannot limit their views to the ones that are held acceptable by the authorities.

    The note they have included in their mock eviction notice goes as the following:

    “Eviction notices are routinely given to Palestinian families living under oppressive Israeli occupation for no reason other than their ethnic background; the goal is to make life so miserable for Arabs that they leave. Forced evictions are arbitrary, racist, humiliating, violent, and in violation of Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    Since 1967, Israeli occupying forces have destroyed nearly 27.000 homes and other structures crucial for livelihood resulting in the internal displacement of more than 160.000 indigenous Palestinians. Excessive use of force by Israeli forces during evictions has led to Palesinians being injured and killed, and priceless family objects destroyed.

    Palestinian homes are destroyed to cleanse the region of its Arab population, and create space for illegal settlements. Israel’s apartheid policies against the Palestinian people are in gross violation of internationally recognized human rights. The United States’ government, American corporations, and public universities support these policies against Palestinians through foreign aid and investments.

    Source: Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
    Visit for more information
    This is not a real eviction notice.”

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