Tapping: Racism

Greetings fellow tappers,

We will be meeting this Wednesday, 4/23 at 9 pm (location: Bistro Thirty in Ardmore) for another evening of philosophical discussion. Dr. Gabriel Rockhill will be joining us as we grapple with the evening’s topic: Discriminating Racism (see below for more info). Grad students and undergrads alike are encouraged to join!

I will be sending a follow-up email in the coming days with more information regarding location and transportation. If you have any questions, you can reach me at 440-503-2503.

Here is a brief synopsis of the topic, provided by Dr. Rockhill:

Please join us for a wide-ranging discussion of questions such as:  What are racism and discrimination? Are they culturally and historically specific? Are there different types of racism (individual, institutional, structural, cultural, etc.)? What are the conceptual parameters defining acts of discrimination in general? Are there forms of discrimination that are difficult to discriminate as such because of specific conceptual and cultural frameworks? What are some of the strategies for struggling against acts of discrimination? How have the ‘races’ themselves been identified and classified over time, and in different societies? Are there various cultural modalities of discrimination? How can we conceptually discriminate them?



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