May 1st Protest Invitation

May 1st, Thursday, 4pm, Market and 15th Street.

Let’s join together to FIGHT BACK against the 1% and return International Workers’ Day to its roots as a day that builds power for all of the working class, including the unemployed, the poor, and the marginalized. We will march in solidarity against all forms of oppression and injustice to demonstrate that our demands are part of a connected class struggle ignored by our elected leaders.

The Philly May 1st Coalition wants you to join our growing coalition of progressive groups from Philadelphia working together to organize a working class unity march for International Workers’ Day. This group will serve as a meeting place for members and potential members of the coalition as we work together to prepare for May Day.

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3 Responses to May 1st Protest Invitation

  1. jmulaj says:

    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to get students from Villanova to join the march. A few professors have expressed interest and are trying to organize their classes for this Thursday.Those of you who are TA-ing and teaching, I would really appreciate it if you could inform students about May Day. I will be meeting with other students at 3:20 at the (r5) train station.

  2. grockhil says:

    I am trying to move some things around so that I can also get on the r5 at 3:20. If it’s not possible, then I will join as soon as I can. Yes, let’s spread the word!

  3. jmulaj says:


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