Guidelines for Final Projects

Rough drafts are due
Please upload your draft as a Google Document, and share it with me and the students officially enrolled in the course (please let me know if I have overlooked anyone!):;;;;;;;;;;;;‎;

Virtual research symposium

Please provide tracked comments on at least two papers shared with you via Google Document. To make sure that everyone receives comments, you have been alphabetically assigned to comment on one other paper (see below). For the second set of comments, you can choose any of the papers, and you should feel free to select a paper that overlaps significantly with your own research and/or interests.
Regarding your comments, please concentrate on providing constructive criticism and reasonable suggestions in order to help your peers improve the final versions of their papers.

List of assigned papers:
Bly comment on Borrowman
Borrowman comment on Bray
Bray comment on Cunningham
Cunningham comment on Dombrovsky
Dombrovsky comment on Gurer
Gurer comment on Holmes
Holmes comment on Mesing
Mesing comment on Mulaj
Mulaj comment on Rupert
Rupert comment on Wallace
Wallace comment on Ward
Ward comment on Wood
Wood comment on Bly

Final papers due

Please e-mail them to me
If you like, you can also feel free to post them on the blog in order to share them with everyone else

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