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CFP—Enlightened Anarchism Advertisements

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Possible Questions for Politicizing White/Chalkboards

Hey everyone, thank you for the comments, suggestions, and thoughts on the idea of occupying these discursive spaces. If anyone has suggestions for questions to write, maybe we could use this new post to do so. I will list a … Continue reading

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Amílcar Cabral’s Biopolitical Cultivation of Decolonial Revolution

Working hypothesis for this course’s project; any comments, criticisms, feedback, or suggestions are most welcome

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Decolonizing Vanillanova

All the snow has melted, and Villanova is whiter than ever. During my first week at Villanova, a white administrator told me (I should say us) that, roughly, “We are no longer to say ‘Vanillanova’ because it is something the … Continue reading

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Rethinking Need & Affect in Revolutionary Politics

“…this production of new needs is the first historical act.” -Marx (The Marx-Engels Reader, 156) In this blog post, I want to engage the work of Arendt, Engels, and Laclau/Mouffe concerning how one might think need and affect in relation … Continue reading

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Student Profile: Dan Wood

Name: Dan Wood Discipline: Philosophy Enrollment: Taking for credit Research: I primarily  research aspects of Portuguese, Spanish, and French colonialism, and decolonization/neocolonialism more broadly construed. I approach these topics through comparative, genealogical, and philosophical reconstructions that draw from historical sociologies, … Continue reading

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