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Paper Abstract: Understanding the Role of Violence in Frantz Fanon’s Work

Here is the abstract for my final paper. My intention is to offer a reading of Fanon’s concept of violence that shows that it is intelligible. Likewise, I want to undermine the simplistic, dismissive critiques of Fanon’s concept of violence … Continue reading

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Optional Reading: Bakunin Statism and Anarchy

I touch on a few issues here, but specifically on Bakunin’s Statism and Anarchy by trying to connect his understanding of revolution as necessarily getting rid of states to the notion that capitalism, the state and civilization require the transforming … Continue reading

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Student Profile: Michael Ward II

Michael Ward II I am a first year Masters student at Temple University in the philosophy department. Currently, I am doing coursework with the intent of completing a master’s thesis; in the future, I may seek a Ph.D. Also, I am … Continue reading

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