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Interesting Interview

Ha-Joon Chang: Economics Is a Political Argument Advertisements

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Verso discount %50

I thought this can be of interest to some, considering the proximity of their usual publication topics to our course.

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Of Being Numerous, from The New Inquiry

I thought this article would be of interest to those in our class involved in the Occupy Movements, especially,¬†as it’s a critical take on complicity in surveillance that starts in an anecdote about the cover of the OWS journal.

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Peter Frase on Thomas Frank/The Baffler

This article in Jacobin by Peter Frase provides a good critique of Frank’s article, as well as a situation of The Baffler’s history and its influence in leftist politics.

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Castoriadis Special Issue in Interesting Journal

Click here

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International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest

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Relevant Thomas Frank Article

Frank in his usual bellicose style, treats several issues we’ve been discussing, including words, the social question, and politics, and a few we haven’t like liberal and academic elitism.

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