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Peter Frase on Thomas Frank/The Baffler

This article in Jacobin by Peter Frase provides a good critique of Frank’s article, as well as a situation of The Baffler’s history and its influence in leftist politics. Advertisements

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Violence and Revolution in the Critique of Politics

Below is the working abstract for my final project in this course. The introduction of the topic is a bit general, given our close reading of Arendt earlier this semester, but it reflects the fact that I wrote this document … Continue reading

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New Book Series: “Reinventing Critical Theory”

Please find here a link to the new book series that Annika and I are co-directing. Feel free to circulate it widely, and keep it in mind for any of your future projects that might overlap with the series’ goals.

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Politics, Violence, and Complicity: A Few Notes on Arendt’s On Revolution

One of the most problematic elements of On Revolution, as we have discussed a bit in class and also on the blog with the Zinn article, is her resounding silence about the constitutive genocide coterminous with the American Revolution she … Continue reading

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